Coloured Suri Bonanza package

What a terrific way to snap up a group of 7, lovely, coloured suri females at a rock bottom price. One female is pregnant and the others are ready to mate. All females are proven breeders. Some great genetics! (transfers at purchaser's cost)


$3,500 +GST for 7 females

Quality Black Suri Female Package.

A special package of 6 females for the black suri lover. There is an excellent mix of great black suri genetics. One of the females is pregnant to Surilana Lightening Strike, (2015 Australian National Best Black Suri). (transfers at purchaser's cost)

$7,500 + GST for 6 quality black suri females

Sparkling Colours Package

This package contains 8 quality, coloured suri females, with a great variety of coloured genetics. Two of these females are pregnant to fantastic males. Included in this package is a stunning, fawn certified and proven male, Surilana Cheetah. (transfers at purchaser's cost).


$5,000 + GST for 8 quality suri females + certified male

Super Cheap Black Suri Female package

This is a great line up of 6 black suri females for a bargain price. They range in age from young to older, but they are all proven breeders. We are happy to run Surilana Laser with the 5 eldest females before departure from Surilana, (pregnancies not guaranteed). (transfers at purchaser's cost).

$3,000 + GST inc for 6 black suri females

White, Bright and Cheap Package

This is a great package of white females. There are 8 females of varying ages, (plus Surilana Tika who is a "gift with purchase")! Two of the females are pregnant. Marita Tu is pregnant to Surilana Macusani Hero ET, who is the sire of both the 2016 and 2018 Australian National Shows. Hero matings are only offered to Surilana clients - so this is a real bonus!! (transfers at purchaser's cost).

$6,500 + GST for 9 suri females

Usually wethers and wether quality males are available. Please contact us for details.